Solar Water Heater Installers

Reliable and Efficient Solar Water Heater Installers

There are installers that will do a great job installing a solar geyser for you, really, they do exist. The trick is to find them, and I can help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

I can recommend the good ones based on results of advice I have given to others in the past four years, the reviews that get sent in to my website, feedback on other websites such as HelloPeter and just generally keeping my ear to the ground of the solar water heating industry.

A number of people have shared some bad experiences of what happened when they were unfortunate enough to choose the wrong installer.

So my recomendations can cut down the chances of this happening to you, because if the majority of the feedback from others is positive, the chances are very good that your experience will be too.

All the installers that make my recommended list are Eskom accredited and have been in the solar geyser installation business for several years, with hundreds and in some cases thousands of succesful installations to their name.

This helps to avoid the fly by night and cowboy outfits that are present in the solar water heating industry which has grown very fast in the past few years.

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To be able to determine the best solar geyser options for your particular situation, and give an accurate, no obligation quote the installer will need to talk to you, which is why I ask for your contact telephone number.

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