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Low Cost Solar Water Heater Tank Made Of Stainless Steel

An unpressurised solar water heater tank made of stainless steel is much cheaper than a pressurised one and will resist corrosion just as well. [...]

DIY Flat Plate Solar Collector Design Using a New Concept

This homemade flat plate solar collector has two design differences namely one large copper pipe instead of a grid and air circulation inside the box. [...]

Top Three Solar Geyser Systems In South Africa Listed

Find the cream of the solar geyser crop with this South Africa top three list of manufacturers based on SABS efficiency results and ESKOM rebates. [...]

India Solar Water Heater Top Three List Based On Efficiency

Narrow down India solar water heater choices using this top three list containing only manufacturers that have a current Bureau of Indian Standards licence. [...]

Your Solar Questions About Water Heating Answered Here

I can answer your solar questions about water heating using expertise gained from measuring the efficiency of installed solar water heaters worldwide. [...]

Can A DIY Solar Collector Deliver Hot Water Efficiently and Cost Effectively?

The performance measurement of this installed DIY solar collector provides efficiency answers and whether it's worthwhile to build your own solar water heater. [...]

Improving Your Homemade Solar Water Heater Systems Efficiency - 10 Ways

You can maximise the performance of your homemade solar water heater if you take these ten factors into account when you plan and build it. [...]

Can DIY Solar Water Heater Systems Perform As Well As Commercially Built Ones?

The answer lies here in the compared performance results measured from diy solar water heater systems already installed in homes worldwide. [...]

2015 Competition

The contest has run its course and attracted a good number of entries. [...]