Solar Tanks

Solar Water Performance Tanks

These are the most cost effective high pressure solar hot water tanks commercially available in South Africa today. A bold claim, I know, but I stand by it.

I spent three years researching, developing and perfecting the design for South African conditions based on best practises here and across the globe, implementing the ones that improve performance but also lower cost.

If you can find any other 500L to 2000L tanks of this nature that cost less, are more efficient and longer lasting than these Solar Water Performance tanks that I manufacture, then let me know, and I will change my statement above.

Here are the reasons why I can make this claim...

swp tank

Low Cost

The bigger a pressurised hot water tank becomes, the more it costs to manufacture, you can't get around that fact.

But what you can do is change the design so that the tank doesn't need to be a pressurised vessel, but operates at atmospheric pressure.

And how do you do that? By taking a coiled pipe heat exchanger (39 bar capacity) and installing it inside the tank and then connecting it to the cold water feed.

It just makes much more sense to use a pressure bearing pipe rather than making a huge tank that has to handle mains water pressure.

Costs less, saves money, doesn't need to be pressurised, made right here in South Africa, all good.

Low Heat Loss

The tanks are very efficient at keeping water hot because of the 120mm insulation at the top, which is double that of most round tanks on the market, made possible thanks to the vessels square design.

Heat rises, so it makes sense that the most insulation should be on top. The sides and bottom have 60mm insulation which limits the standing losses to less than 3 degrees centigrade overnight, even during mid winter.

Long Life

The outer shell is made of aluminium, one of the longest lasting metals around, so no problem there. The fact that the tank isn't pressurised also increases its longevity.

The inner lining is more of a challenge because that's where the hot water is, and hot water is corrosive. The answer is a very tough material called EPDM which lasts for 10 to 15 years at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees centigrade.

After that time you install a new liner and you are good to go for another 10 to 15 years. The liner is not expensive considering how long it lasts, so you get a virtually new tank for the cost of replacing the liner, in comparison to a pressurised tank which needs to be completely replaced once it springs a leak.

So, a long life at a very low cost and less wastage.

Price of Tanks and Specifications

The tanks can be connected to any size and brand of heat pump, and to flate plate and evacuated tube collectors in a drain-back configuration.

Delivery can be made countrywide in South Africa for an extra fee (delivery not included in the price below).

They are ideal for schools, hotels, clinics, retirement centres, apartment blocks, universities, factories, lodges, B&B establishments, anywhere large quantities of hot water are needed.

To find out more for your commercial solar hot water application, get in touch with me here...

* Please note that I update prices regularly due to raw material price fluctuations so they can change without notice. Standard tank flow capacity is 30L per minute but can be increased. Contact me for pricing if you need higher flow capacity for your application.