India Solar Water Heater

Top Three India Solar Water Heater List

There are 165 approved India solar water heater manufacturers/suppliers (as at 01 August 2011) and over 1000 companies capable of installing them, and these figures are growing each year, particularly in areas such as Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai.

If you are planning on getting a solar water heater for your own home, these numbers mean that you have the benefit of lots of alternatives, but with so many different systems available, how do you choose between them all?

This list of the Top Three India solar water heater manufacturers that I've compiled here (more about me) will help you with your decision.

It's based on the efficiency of each system as certified by official test centers which are approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in India (MNRE). Efficiency tests are conducted at regular intervals at these centers which conform to the specifications set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

All the top manufacturers on the list below have a current BIS licence from an approved MNRE test center and are placed in categories alphabetically according to the capacity of the systems water storage tank...

Choosing the Storage Tank Capacity That Will Suit You

As a general rule of thumb, add 50 litres for each member in your household and then another 50 litres on top of that amount to calculate the water tank capacity that will suit you and your family most.

So for example, if there are four people in your household you will need at least a 250 litre tank to meet your hot water consumption requirements. The 200 to 299 Litre category above is ideally where you should be looking.

How To Judge A Solar Water Heaters Efficiency

The systems on the list above have proven to be efficient through testing, but what if the solar water heater brands you are interested in don't appear on this list?

In that case, I've compiled a list of the ten major performance factors that a system can be judged on which have a dramatic effect on its efficiency. Once you know what these characteristics are you will be able to ask the manufacturer and/or installer the right questions to get insight into its best performance at your home.

Talking about asking, you are welcome to ask me any performance or efficiency related India solar water heater questions and I will try to answer them for you.