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South Africa Top Three Hot Water Heat Pump List

Sorting through all the hot water heat pump possibilities can be confusing and time consuming, but the top three list below can save you time and money.

It's based on performance results so the three hot water heat pumps listed here are top of their class and very efficient.

What's On The List

  • The names of the three best heat pump hot water systems in South Africa.
  • The web sites of each model listed so that you can find out more about them and their cost.
  • Links to the performance results where applicable.
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    How The Top Three Ranking List is Compiled

    In order for manufacturers and suppliers to qualify for the Eskom hot water heat pump rebate they needed to meet some minimum requirements which affect their efficiency.

    Some of the more important ones are that the coefficient of performance for integrated air to water heat pump systems have to be more than 2.8 and the outlet temperature without back-up must not be less than 55°C. The integrated system warrantee should be 1 year, the compressor should be 5 years and the circulation pump should be 3 years at minimum. There were another 15 more stringent requirements that needed to be met.

    I only used the systems which passed the Eskom qualification as contenders for the list, finally whittling it down to the three that have the best coefficient of performance (COP), which is defined as the ratio of heat produced to energy expended.

    The Eskom rebate system for heat pumps has since been discontinued in January 2014 but the efficiency results still remain relevant and form the basis of the ranking mechanism for this list.